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インビスタ社CORDURA®1680D糸を用いたCORDURA ballistic 1680Dのナイロンの生地の裏にPVC加工した摩擦強度、引裂き強度、引張り強度など全てにおいて優る非常に耐久性の高く、防水性もある生地を使用しております。


ナイロン製のショルダーベルトにYKKのワンプッシュで外れる揺動式バックルを採用。 更に本体とショルダーベルトをつなぐオリジナルのパーツを使用して体の動きに合わせて本体が左右に揺動します。




Made from CORDURA ballistic 1680D comprising of  CORDURA 1680D fibers from Invista which provide excellent resistance to friction, tearing and tension. The reverse of this nylon fabric has a waterproof PVC coating.

The main compartment features a YKK Aqua Guard zipper.

A one-push YKK swing buckle is used on the nylon shoulder strap. Additionally, custom parts made in-house connect the strap to the body of the bag, allowing it to swing freely with the wearer’s movements.

A Kydex bar on the face of the bag allows for easy customization by using carabiners or MOLLE system clips to affix additional pouches or other personal effects as desired.

The pouch can be worn comfortably under a jacket due to its compact low-profile.

Perfect for holding a wallet, keychain and mobile phone, it’s the perfect size for everyday use.


  • Dimensions: 11" x 6.75" x 1.5" (Wx H x D)  /  幅 : 28cm 高さ : 17cm 奥行き : 4cm
  • Material: 100% Nylon   /    ナイロン 100%  
  • Country of Origin : Made in Japan /   原産国 日本